Thursday, March 19, 2009

I don't quite know how this was possible, but somehow the 14th episode of the Simpsons (now in it's 20th season) got leaked. The show set to air in 5 days titled In the Name of the Grandfather - the episode features the Simpsons clan going to Ireland, after Grandpa Abe Simpson wishes to make up for lost time by going back to an Irish pub he had frequented (does that make the Simpsons Irish?). The Simpsons nonsensically visit the Emerald Isle to go to a quaint town, where Homer and Abe end up reviving an old pub in a modern Ireland - while Lisa, Bart and Marge tour Ireland (with Bart posing his butt as the blarney stone to get people to kiss it, with an odd and unusual turn). There's a great QBert joke in there too!

So far there's been no real buzz about this, leading me to believe that either Fox is officially releasing episodes perhaps through it's own site earlier than it airs it. Or judging by the video, it appears that British channel Sky 1 may have goofed and aired the episode days earlier than expected.

Either way here's peak at the episode:

next week's episode: Wedding for Disaster, details how Marge and Homer realize they're not actually married and end up re-pledging their vows of marriage to make it official. The episode starts with the Simpsons family going to a field and gardening expo having being duped by Marge.

Update: ok it turns out it wasn't leaked, but rather Sky 1 Ireland had the rights from Fox to broadcast it several days early (world premier exclusive) on St. Patricks Day (Tuesday March 18th)

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