Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lost returns on it's 5th season today, the significance being that the ultra popular drama is on its second last season since the show is set to end with 6 seasons in total. Lost had begun with the intention of being a mini-series, intended to only span a few episodes and to have the now main character Jack die in the first episode after having lead the survivors to safety.

Due the the popularity, the show was extended while in production and has since become further bloated to fill an ABC contractual agreement to span 6 seasons instead of the original 4 that J. J. Abrams, the show's creator, had intended. To view the videos, scroll to the bottom to skip.

Lost season five begins where season 4 left off. The main survivors having been rescued from the Island after the freighter was destroyed, and their helicopter crashed. They were picked up by Desmond's girlfriend, Penolope Widmore, who had been looking for Desmond since he left her. The 5 Survivors make it back to Los Angeles hiding the secret that several survivors (namely Locke, Sawyer and Juliette) had been left behind on the island, when it mysteriously disappeared after Ben, Dharma Iniative traitor and all around mysterious figure and island spokesperson, went about turning a "Donkey Wheel" to send the Island back in time and make it disappear.

I know the above description sounds a little crazy, especially if you haven't been following the show and believe me it's getting as ludicrous and crazy as it sounds - yet despite all it's shortcomings and jumping the shark, it's still fairly entertaining enough to keep you watching. Season 5 will feature a variety of things including a long-delayed explanation on the mysterious four toed statue found by Sayeed Sun and Jin, as well as details on what happened to the island and what happened to the John Locke, who was shown as dead in the season 4 finale and apparently going under the name Jeremy Bentham. Also the show will deal with the island, which is now having trouble with time consistency and keeps jumping randomally through time causing severe problems for those on the island as the past and present start to intermix and conflict.

Season 5 Episodes Video Sneek Peak

Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 1- Because You Left:

Part 2

Part 3

Watch Lost Season 5 Episode 2- The Lie Episode Clip:

Part 2

My theory on what's going to happen is that Ben moved the island back in time, hence why the island ceases to appear where it does - perhaps it has since moved to where it is now. They will probably use this to show what happened on the island back in the time of the Dharma initiative and how Rousseau came to the island and maybe even how the Black Rock, the 17th Century slave ship, managed to get there as well. The island will have a problem as mentioned with time travel and it will start to threaten the inhabitants that were left stranded on the island. This means that Locke and Sawyer and the rest of the 'others' from Ben's camp will be facing events from the past that threaten to kill them. They will most likely find out about how Ben killed the Dharma Initative and other secrets like how the island has been moved before. Meanwhile all the off-island characters will seek to get back on the island, Jack will be pressured by Ben to return to the island with all the castaways - and Ben will hire a lawyer to scare Kate into thinking the government or some agency is out to confirm whether the baby she is taking care of is hers, which we of course know is Claires and not really Kates. Kate will then be prone to running away, as she always does, and will join Ben and Jack in getting back on to the island.

Now it's your turn - what are your Thoughts, Conspiracies and Ideas where the story and show is heading?

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